What is 925 Sterling Silver?

Let's simplify it.

Pure silver or fine silver or 100% pure silver is a very soft metal and can not be used to make jewelry in most cases. Yet, Some articles are made up of pure silver like silver coins and idols.

However, Sterling silver or 925 sterling silver or 92.5% Silver is a metal alloy constituting 925 parts or 92.5% Silver and 75 parts of 7.5% copper.  The addition of copper makes it hard which is perfect for making jewelry as 100% pure silver is very soft. Sometimes other elements like zinc are also used to form the sterling silver alloy.

Sterling silver is standard and must seek metal across the world because of what many like but mainly because it is hypoallergenic and very cheap.

We Love Sterling silver as well.

The jewelry looks stunning and is perfectly crafted in sterling silver alloy. Some of the sought-after jewelry is men's bracelet, Silver Bangles, Chains, Pandora Bracelets with charms, Earrings, rings & silver, and necklaces.

Also if you look at the appreciation value of sterling silver over other metals it appreciates quite well. Silver price always shows an increasing trend year on year.

We offer 925 sterling silver exclusive jewelry at outstanding offers & Prices.

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Enjoy shopping.

Team Samyukta


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